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David has always been a change agent and culture carrier for the organisation we aspire to be. He developed an enviable reputation for creativity, reliability and a prodigious worth ethic.

Roy Gori, President & CEO, Manulife (2017 -)

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David is a hardworking and trustworthy individual who knows how to get the job done quickly and effectively. His experience, knowledge and constant drive for improvement made him a dependable and reliable source for ideas and solutions.

Anil Wadhwani, Manulife Asia CEO (2017 - 2022)

David has always impressed me for his dedication to do better, each time, than the last "can't-be-beat" performance. His creativity and his sensitivity allowed David to always know what to say, when and how. Almost all I know in communications I learnt from David.

Francesco Lagutaine, Chief Marketing, Communications & Digital Officer, M&T Bank, New York (2020 -)

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David writes a lot of speeches for me. When I sound eloquent and clear, that's David talking!

Robert A. Cook, CEO Manulife Asia (2007-2015)

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