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I Wish

Originally published on LinkedIn on February 4, 2019

To serve

To unlearn, learn

To do fewer things, better

To contribute, meaningfully

To nurture talent

To help improve the employee experience

To confront my task-list optimism bias

To plan

To lunch

To be positively response-able

To follow a new north star

To take risks

To science fiction

To thank

To zoom out

To share

To have fun

To find time to think

To be people first (some will be customers)

To simplify

To change

To become surplus to requirements

Continued good health

A creamier work-life blend

To travel

To find a mentor

To journal

To prioritise

To earn feedback

To help establish Communications as a respected partner

To look back on the pig with pride

You a happy lunar new year :) 🐽

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