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Coaching Packages

See below for the package that best suits you!

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One hit wander

A two-hour deep dive to help achieve a breakthrough on a given issue and enable you move forward


A short series of three sessions to explore one or more issues  important to you. Useful for clients who need help orientating themselves out of a negative or confusing situation.

Rays of Light
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Future Fit

Eight sessions over six months, allowing clients to explore multiples issues. Useful for clients wanting help creating an action plan for a better future.

Coach in your corner

Bi-weekly sessions over 4 months, with 4 optional ‘floating’ sessions to suit. Perfect for clients dealing with a significant crossroads, such migration, starting a new role joining a new company.

Night Lights

Concierge Service

Up to two sessions per month over 12 months, with added freedom of unscheduled, real-time coaching support available throughout. Suitable for clients wanting support to achieve a clear and important life goal, eg targeting promotion.

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